A Cowboy or Wild West dress up party theme is a great idea for any adult game night. Dress up with Western gear like cowboy hats, leather boots and plaid shirts to really look the part.

If you’re a fan of cowboy or Wild West movies or books, this dress up party theme is a great choice. Outfits include cowboy hats, boots and jeans or skirts. You can also add a bandana, sheriff badge or lasso to complete the look. Saloon decorations can be added to the party such as whiskey bottles and poker tables.

A summer camp costume is another fun and easy option for an adult dress up party. You can even include food served out of a chuckwagon (campfire cooking). Mardi Gras is another fun and unique theme for an adult dress up party. Costumes can include feathers, a variety of colors and beads.

Add a steamy twist to the classic board games with forfeits and challenges that will spice up your relationship. You’ll love a sexy version of Monopoly that blends competition with striptease!

Sexopoly – Monopoly

Sexopoly is a sexy version of Monopoly designed to be played with a partner or group of very close friends. It replaces the standard Community Chest and Chance cards with Frisky or Risky cards that ask players to say or do sexy things. It also replaces property spaces with pleasure parlors, hotels and brothels. The fees charged when you land on these properties increase as the pleasure services get more explicit and intense.

A downloadable package called CyberSexopoly transforms the game even further with stripping and other foreplay activities. For example, if you land on Railroad owned by your partner, you must “ride” them for one minute. If you go on Electric Company, you must use a vibrator creatively to stimulate your partner’s naked body. And when you go on Water Works, you must drink a shot of something stiff.


The name says it all – this is a sensual board game for lovers that contains the perfect mix of teasing foreplay, kinky games and sexuality. Your objective is to reach the last square without having an orgasm – a big challenge that will test your ability to keep it together until the end! Illustrated cards featuring sexual positions and naughty games will guide you through a series of erotic challenges.

The more you play the more intensely kinky your experience will become, so it’s important to dress up for this one – lingerie and sexy adult accessories can add to the fun and seduction. The game includes 1 board, 4 decks of cards, 1 die, an hourglass, two tokens and a body crayon.

Talk Flirt Dare

Talk Flirt Dare is a game for couples that is full of sexy questions and dares. It is a fun way to learn more about your partner and spice up date night. It is a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, an anniversary or even a wedding.

The game comes with three card decks, containing questions in the talk, flirt, and dare categories. The talk cards are mainly about general topics and help you learn more about your partner, while the flirt category leans towards more intimate details. The dare cards are more racy and require you to perform tasks that will increase the heat in the room.

You can buy this game from desertcart Saint Vincent And The Grenadines, which has a large selection of products and free shipping worldwide. This is a great site to shop for sexy adult games online.

Foreplay in a Row

Whether you want to spice up foreplay or simply make your partner giggle, sexy board games are the perfect way to do it. These adult board games are a fun and flirty way to bond with your partner while exploring their deepest desires and most kinky fantasies.

This naughty spin on Connect Four is sure to get you hot and steamy. Each of the 42 counters has a kinky action on it and you’re the first player to connect four in a row, horizontal, diagonal, or across wins!

For more playful kinky games, try Adult Loaded Questions, which is an abridged version of the classic who said what game. The questions in this adult version range from light to dirty and include things like ‘touch crotch’.